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Traumatic brain injury and hemorrhagic stroke, mainly caused by car accidents, sports and cycling, cause increased pressure in the brain. This results in constricted blood vessels and limits blood flow and oxygen delivery to the brain. The lack of oxygen supply causes death of brain cells leading to disability or death of approximately 7.7 million people a year.

Inaccurate assessment increases risks
Lack of comprehensive methods for assessment of patient's condition increases risks associated with under and over-treatment.

Current treatments are limited

  • Systemic pharmacological intervention

  • Cerebrospinal fluid drainage (EVD) (introduced 1744)

  • Decompressive Craniectomy (opening the skull - introduced 1518)


SynCath Neuroscience is a preclinical stage MedTech startup, encapsulating assets of a groundbreaking research program, initiated and led by Prof Ofer Barnea and Dr Omer Doron. Our proprietary technology is based on an ECG-synchronized dynamic ICP-modulation. The technology is realized via a disposable, autonomous ICP modulation probe. The probe is in-dwelling, ECG-synchronized and delivered via an EVD (external ventricular drain) like catheter. The technology for the Syncath system was developed and validated at Tel-Aviv University and at Hadassah Medical Center.
By combining medicine with engineering, physics and mathematical modeling, they succeeded in creating breakthrough technology in neuro-critical care. SynCath holds an exclusive license on an elaborate IP portfolio.



EVD & ICP Monitoring markets – $2.8B & $1.9B in 2025, respectively with approx. 5% CAGR.


Conservative analysis yields a present global annual incidence of 1.1M patients that translate into an initial worldwide addressable market potential of $3B. SynCath is anticipated to launch its first release of the Syncath system in 2022 and subsequently launch other functions of this system. 




  • Completed development of product prototype

  • Optimized the ECG-synchronization, pressure-stimulation waveform and intensity for the naïve porcine animal model

  • Setup and adapted two “gold standard” porcine disease animal models for TBI (traumatic brain injury)

  • Tested and optimized the therapeutic stimulation protocols in a large cohort of disease model pigs

  • Landmark paper in Journal of Neurosurgery: Doron O et al. "Cerebral blood flow augmentation using a cardiac-gated using an intracranial pulsating balloon pump in a swine model of elevated ICP

  • Developed and started design verification of the console and balloon catheter



Ofer Barnea Photo.jpg

Prof. Ofer Barnea

CEO, Founder

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Professor of Biomedical Engineering and former chairman of the Department of BME at TAU. BSc in EE@TAU; PhD in BME at Drexel. 30 years experience in the medical device industry. Founded several companies and led the development of medical devices as a consultant

Or Zigelboim Photo.jpg

Or Zigelboim, VP R&D

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BSc in Mechanical Engineering at TAU. Product manager with over 8 years in the field of endovascular. Proven experience in developing vascular implants from concept stage to CE mark.

Omer Doron Photo.JPG

Dr Omer Doron, MD

CMO, Founder

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Neurosurgery Department , Neurocritical Care and Endovascular Service, Maimonides University Medical Center, Haifa. PhD candidate, Dept. of BME, TAU. Author of several peer-reviewed papers on cranial dynamics. Past : Airborne Doctor in the IDF.

Ofer Hornick Photo.jpg

Dr. Ofer Hornik, MD

Regulatory Mgr.

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A physician in training, with 25 years of program management, product management, clinical & regulatory management, entrepreneurial, and executive positions in numerous healthcare startup companies.

Shimon Oz Photo.jpg

Shimon Oz, MA (Econ.) MBA,


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Held senior financial and executive positions; focused on MedTech SUs. Held CFO, CEO, Chief Accountant, and BoD member in e.g.: Urden Industries, Claridge SB, Idanit (now HP), Objet (Sratasys) Jemtex and others. MA Economics, MBA HUJI.



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